The Unrest
Members Monty James
Colossus Rhodes
Jarod Barnes
The Brothers Grimm
Jonathan Rembrandt
Debut August 26, 2012
Disbanded November 30, 2013

The Unrest was a professional wrestling stable that competed in Soul Wrestling Incorporated. At the height of its success, the group consisted of Monty James, his wife KennedyColossus Rhodes, Jarod Barnes, and The Brothers Grimm. The group was formerly managed by the then-commissioner and real-life CEO and owner of SWI, Jonathan Rembrandt.



Colossus Rhodes, following the break-up of his previous tag team The Monstourage, began teaming with relative newcomer Jarod Barnes in March 2012, feuding with The Drinkin Boyz. In addition, Monty James and Kennedy had recently turned heel by attacking Edgemaster, blaming him for Monty's failure to regain the SWI World Championship. On June 30, Colossus and Jarod attacked The Besser Brothers after their match with The Brothers Grimm, jealous that the Bessers got picked over them for the tag team turmoil match at Independence. The following week, Colossus and Jarod teamed with The Brothers Grimm and Kayla Stevens to defeat the Besser Brothers, Bad Attitude Inc., and Becky Cooper. Kennedy interefered during the match and hit Becky with the Kennedy Assassination, allowing Kayla to pick up the win for her team. After the match, Monty appeared on the ramp and led the victors to the back with him. Monty then became the manager for Colossus and Jarod while he rehabbed his (kayfabe) ankle injury.


On August 4, the Brothers Grimm attacked The Besser Brothers and The Stones in the main event of Apocalypse, before attacking the referee and the security guards. XS3, the on-screen commissioner, managed to get C-Code & MC Bob to arrest the two before firing the tag team. A few weeks later, Jonathan Rembrandt, the CEO of SWI, appeared to give XS3 a job evaluation. Rembrandt said that his match-making skills needed improvement, saying he was trying to please a certain section of people. Rembrandt proceeded to make a qualifying match for another tag team to join the SWI World Tag Team Championship match between The Stones and The Drinkin Boyz at Unholy Confessions. Los Opuestos won by defeating Mortales Guerreros, then went on to win the titles at the event.

Following the main event of the PPV, where Tannark Fisher retained the SWI World title over Frankie Starr, Colossus, Jarod, Monty, and Kennedy took Rembrandt hostage with them and dragged him to the ring. It turned out to be a trap as Rembrandt gave a low blow to Tannark, turning heel for the first time in his career. XS3 and Los Opuestos ran down to even the odds, only for Los Opuestos to attack XS3 from behind. Los Opuestos unmasked to reveal they weren't actually Los Opuestos, but The Brothers Grimm all along. On the following episode, Monty named the group The Unrest, saying his path to the SWI World title would become easier. Rembrandt explained his actions by saying he trusted XS3 to make Monty the future of the company, not to prevent him from getting the World title. Rembrandt said that as the CEO, his authority superceded XS3's and thus, he rehired The Brothers Grimm. When XS3 came down to confront Rembrandt, The Unrest attacked him and hit all of their respective finishers on him. Rembrandt fired XS3 and took back his job as on-screen commissioner of SWI.

Success and downfallEdit

At Betrayal, The Unrest scored a clean sweep, as Colossus and Jarod defeated the Besser Brothers, Kennedy defeated Psychophelia to win her second SWI Women's Championship, The Brothers Grimm retained the SWI World Tag Team titles against The Stones, and Monty finally won back the SWI World Championship by defeating Tannark Fisher with help from The Unrest. The following month, Kennedy and The Brothers Grimm retained their respective titles (the latter losing by DQ), and Monty successfully defended the World title against Tannark in a match where Tannark had to unmask if he lost. During October, following SP Robertson's refusal to commentate until Monty lost the World title, Austin Wildside took over color commentary, sometimes acting as an unofficial representative of The Unrest.

At Broken Chains, The Unrest defeated Blackwolf, XS3, Tannark Fisher, and Bad Attitude Inc.; Monty struck Blackwolf with the World title from behind and pinned him, ending their truce. At Destiny Fulfilled, The Unrest lost all of their power in SWI: Kennedy lost the Women's title to Kelsey Ayami, The Brothers Grimm lost the Tag Team titles to The Besser Brothers, Monty lost the World title to Blackwolf, and Rembrandt lost his commissionership after losing a tag team match with Colossus against Tannark and XS3, effectively stripping him of his ability to make matches and run Apocalypse and PPVs. His successor was revealed to be Ken Davids. Following the World title match, SP made his return and delivered the Robbed Blind to Wildside, taking his job back.

Feud with Starrway Enterprises and breakupEdit

On the following episode of Apocalypse, The Unrest appeared without Rembrandt, claiming he had a change of heart and wished to return running the company from behind the scenes. Later that night, Kennedy defeated Samantha Nichols to earn a future Women's title match; this led to Davids announcing a Winners Take All match for Beginning Anew with Blackwolf and Kelsey defending against Monty and Kennedy, which they lost.

The Unrest later turned face by assisting former rivals Tannark and XS3 in their feud with Starrway Enterprises, claiming they learned from their mistakes and wanted to save the company from being taken over. The Brothers Grimm later defected to Starrway Enterprises by turning on Monty during his match with Waylon. At Questions Unanswered, The Unrest teamed with XS3 and Tannark to defeat Starrway Enterprises in an elimination tag team match. Following the match, XS3 and Tannark made peace with The Unrest, completing the group's face turn.

After months of feuding with Starrway Enterprises, Jarod was upset at not being able to finish them off and being pinned in various matches. Jarod took the final fall in the Tag Team Turmoil at Kill or Be Killed and attacked Colossus due to him being distracted. Jarod then attacked Monty and Kennedy and left on his own, leaving The Unrest. Despite Jarod's actions, Monty tried to keep the group together and even agreed to act as special referee for Jarod's match with Colossus at Broken Chains. Jarod won the match by knocking Colossus out with repeated knee strikes to the head, similar to how Monty defeated Edgemaster at Rise of the Forces back in 2012. After the match, Monty attacked Jarod and helped Colossus to the back.

On the following episode of Apocalypse, Monty and Kennedy declared that with Colossus being forced to leave the company due to mounting injuries, The Unrest was officially no more.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing tag team moves
    • Grimm Reaper (Guillotine leg drop (Daemyn) to opponent in Mexican Rocking Horse (Deacon))
    • Titan Burner (Titan Breaker (Colossus) with Jarod applying a full nelson; the move and name is a combination of Colossus' Titan Breaker and Jarod's Barne Burner)
  • Colossus' finishing moves
    • Titan Breaker (High angle stalling neck and leg hold backbreaker)
  • Daemyn's finishing moves
    • Ides of March (Moonsault double knee drop)
  • Deacon's finishing moves
    • Shining Illusionist (Shining wizard feint into reverse cravate submission)
  • Jarod's finishing moves
    • Barne Burner (Full nelson lungblower)
  • Kennedy's finishing moves
    • Kennedy Assassination (Jumping reverse bulldog)
  • Monty's finishing moves
    • Full Monty (Swinging reverse STO, either standing, running, or from the top rope)
  • Managers
  • Entrance themes
    • "Let the Sparks Fly" by Thousand Foot Krutch

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit