Team SWI
Members Edgemaster
Damage Inc.
The Drinkin Boyz
Names SWI
Team SWI
Debut September 19, 2008
Disbanded January 18, 2009
Promotions Fallout

Team SWI was a stable, consisting of former Soul Wrestling Incorporated wrestlers that were competing in Fallout during SWI's hiatus. The team was led by Edgemaster, and consisted of Ken Williams, Jason Daniels (the latter two later being known as Damage Inc.), and the Drinkin Boyz.


On September 12, 2008, Fallout made its return. The opening match saw Williams and Daniels (known as "The Boneheads") lose to G-Unit. The following week, Williams and Daniels turned heel and broke character, dropping their "laughing boy" gimmick they had become known for. Edgemaster appeared, also turning heel, and saying he was tired of being held down by Fallout management. Williams and Daniels defeated the Lost Boys the following week, and revealed their new stable as Team SWI. Edgemaster praised SWI, saying it was better than Fallout, and planned to gain revenge on Fallout for holding him and his teammates back. Williams and Daniels defeated The Royles two weeks later.

On November 1, the Drinkin Boyz turned heel and joined Team SWI. On the same night, Williams and Daniels defeated The Texans to become #1 contenders to the Fallout Tag Team Championship. The two then defeated Sgt. Pilko and Sylvan Mint for the titles. Williams and Daniels then announced their new team name as Damage Inc. During their time on Fallout, the group was confronted by Jonathan Rembrandt and The Ministry, who berated them over what they perceived as disparraging the name of SWI.

On January 18, the Drinkin Boyz attempted to leave the stable but were beaten down in an attempt to keep them. Later that night, Peter Bannatyne merged the Corporate Club and Team SWI into the Corporate Empire. The following week, the Drinkin Boyz stayed with Fallout and were set to feud with the Corporate Empire, but Fallout was cancelled due to Jay Zero's purchase of the company. The cancellation meant that Williams and Daniels were the final Fallout Tag Team Champions. At ACW's final event, Goodbye Game, the storyline reached its conclusion when Edgemaster and Damage Inc. took on XS3 and the Drinkin Boyz in a losing effort.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing tag team moves
    • ​No Laughing Matter (Diving leg drop (Williams) / body splash (Daniels) combination)
  • Afternoon's finishing moves
    • Beer Bash (Full nelson slam)
  • Ben's finishing moves
    • AOK (Twist of Fate)
    • Livewire AOK (Twist of Fate from the top rope)
  • Daniels' finishing moves
    • AC/DC Driver (Swinging side slam)
  • Edgemaster's finishing moves
    • Over the Edge (Inverted headlock elbow drop)
    • Sharpest Edge (Jumping cutter)
  • Williams' finishing moves
    • Metallica Bomb (Sit-down powerbomb)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Desperate Times Desperate Measures" by Underoath

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • Fallout
    • Fallout Tag Team Championship (1 time) - Williams and Daniels