Tannark Fisher
Ring name(s) Killstone
Serpentee la Mordedura
Tannark Fisher
Tanner Parker
Height 6'0"
Weight 192 lbs.
Born June 1, 1983
(Brooks, Alberta)
Resides Duchess, Alberta
Billed From Duchess, Alberta
Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego, California
Debut 2001

Tanner Jason Parker (born June 1, 1983 in Brooks, Alberta) is a Canadian professional wrestler, best known by the ring name Tannark Fisher. He is currently signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where he is the current SWI North American Champion in his third reign. Tannark is also a two-time SWI World Champion, a four-time SWI World Tag Team Champion (twice with CK Miles and twice with XS3), and a one-time SWI Canadian Television Champion, making him the 7th Triple Crown Champion and the 1st Grand Slam Champion. Tannark is the only wrestler who competed on SWI's first show to remain with the company to this day, and holds the distinction of never having been pinned or made to submit at Destiny Fulfilled. He was inducted into the SWI Hall of Fame in 2016.

Early life and careerEdit

Tanner was born in Brooks, Alberta to David and Diane Parker. He has two older sisters, Kayla Rae (1979) and Christine Dawn (1980). He is Métis on his father's side. Tanner became a wrestling fan in 1995, and decided to begin his training after graduation from Duchess Public School. He made his debut for Duchess Championship Wrestling in 2001 under the name Killstone, wearing what would become his trademark mask to conceal his identity. In 2005, he signed with the Kritical Wrestling Alliance, going by the ring name Serpentee la Mordedura ("Snake Bite" in Spanish). He teamed with Perro Loco to defeat Ken Williams and Jason Daniels on May 30 before all four men were released from the company.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Debut and The Party Animals (2005 - 2006)Edit

Tanner was one of the few wrestlers to break away from DCW in January 2005, joining Jonathan Rembrandt in forming what would become Soul Wrestling Incorporated. Tanner took on the ring name Tannark Fisher, combining his full name as his first name and adopting the "Fisher" surname from the character Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series. He made his debut on the very first show on June 8, losing to Yoshiro Atoshi. He competed in a battle royal for the SWI North American Championship the next week, but was eliminated by Yoshiro. Tannark then defeated Yoshiro the following week to end their brief feud. In December, Tannark formed a tag team with CK Miles, calling themselves The Party Animals. The duo were given gimmicks of skateboarding pranksters, akin to Jackass and The Dudesons. The team made their debut on December 28, defeating The Sheriff and Tony Jones.

After months of competing in the tag team division, The Party Animals defeated C-Code & MC Bob at Disasterpiece to win their first SWI World Tag Team Championship together. The two lost the titles a month later to C-Code & MC Bob in a Ladder match at Unholy Confessions. The Animals then lost two rematches, once at Betrayal, then again at Kill or Be Killed where they teamed with Perro Loco to challenge Ken Davids, C-Code, and MC Bob for their respective titles.

Singles career and North American Champion (2006 - 2008)Edit

The Animals then had a mutual split in December, with Tannark defeating CK at Destiny Fulfilled. Tannark competed in a battle royal at Beginning Anew for the chance to become #1 contender to the SWI World Championship, but was eliminated by Arn Allen. At Rise of the Forces, Tannark lost to Mr. Besser, but was saved by CK. Tannark suffered a knee injury during his match with Trent Radical at Questions Unanswered, and was sidelined for five weeks. Tannark returned on the June 9 episode, defeating Darren Phoenix to gain entry into the Showcase of the Souls Battle Royal at Independence. Tannark was declared co-winner of the battle royal when he and Joey McFarlane eliminated each other at the same time. The victory allowed Tannark to enter the Versus the World match at Disasterpiece; he made it to the final three before being eliminated by Joey.

In August, Tannark saved CK from an attack by Trinity, reuniting the Party Animals in the process. They teamed together to defeat Edgemaster and Luthrion at Unholy Confessions in a match where CK's North American title was on the line. At Kill or Be Killed: The Final Chapter, Tannark lost to Survivor in a match for the North American title, but gained his revenge by delivering a low blow and a 602 to Survivor. During SWI's Underground Era, Tannark continued to team with CK while also focusing on his singles career. Tannark defeated Frankie Starr at Betrayal to win the SWI North American Championship, his first singles title. Tannark defended against Frankie at Kill or Be Killed and Edgemaster at Destiny Fulfilled before surrendering the title just in time for SWI's mainstream return.

Party Animals reunion and split, North American Champion, and various feuds (2009 - 2012)Edit

The Party Animals reunited once again in 2009, defeating Jason Hardcore and Shorty Drinkin at Beginning Anew: The Rebirth. The Animals went on to feud with Wildfire and Demon, and the European Union. At Kill or Be Killed, the Animals defeated Team England for their second SWI World Tag Team Championship. They lost the titles at Destiny Fulfilled in a tag team turmoil match, making it to the final two before being defeated by the debuting Bad Attitude Inc.

The Animals then competed in the Golden Opportunity battle royal, making it to the final three along with Ken Davids to win mystery title shots. Tannark received an opportunity at the North American Championship and began focusing on his singles career. At Questions Unanswered, Tannark defeated Monty James to end his year-long undefeated streak and record-breaking title reign to win his second SWI North American Championship. He retained the title against Monty in a Ladder match at Renewal, but was attacked by CK after the match when he tried to stop him from attacking Monty, ending the Party Animals. Tannark retained the North American title by DQ at Independence, when CK refused to stop attacking Tannark at the referee's orders.

Tannark competed for the SWI World Championship in the Versus the World match at Disasterpiece. He made it to the final three, eliminating the champion Ken Davids, but was eliminated by CK, who won the match and the title. Tannark lost the North American title to Blackwolf on the following episode of Apocalypse, following interference from CK. Tannark challenged CK for the World title at Unholy Confessions, losing to his former friend in a Steel Cage match, ending their feud.

In November, Tannark began feuding with Dr. Jason Spencer, losing to him at Broken Chains, but defeating him in a Stretcher match at Destiny Fulfilled. Tannark then wrestled in the midcard in 2011, challenging for the SWI North American Championship at Questions UnansweredIndependence, and Unholy Confessions. Tannark earned a North American title shot at Destiny Fulfilled, defeating Nicholai Ivanov in a match where his mask was on the line. Tannark then lost to Frankie Starr at Beginning Anew, then lost a fatal four way match for the title at Rise of the Forces. Tannark took a month-long sabbatical after the show.

World Champion and identity issues (2012)Edit

At Questions Unanswered, following CK's plan to take the SWI World Championship over to Maple Creek Championship Wrestling, Tannark attacked CK and chased him off. On the following episode of Apocalypse, Tannark said he was coming for the SWI World Championship, saying that he had been with SWI since the very beginning and he was sick and tired of being in the background while CK planned to ruin SWI. Tannark then defeated Ben Drinkin at Renewal to earn a title shot against CK at Independence. At Independence, Tannark defeated CK to win the SWI World Championship, making him the seventh Triple Crown Champion and the first wrestler of Aboriginal descent to win the title. After the match, CK and Tannark made amends as CK congratulated Tannark on his win. Tannark defended the title in the Versus the World match at Disasterpiece and against Frankie Starr at Unholy Confessions.

At Betrayal, Tannark lost the title to Monty James following interference from The Unrest. On the October 20 episode of Apocalypse, Tannark agreed to put his mask on the line in exchange for no ringside interference for his rematch at Kill or Be Killed. After being hit with a low blow and a chairshot, Tannark went on to lose the match and his mask, unmasking with his back to the crowd. Despite losing his mask, Tannark continued to hide his face with a balaclava, claiming it was a helmet instead of a mask. Tannark also hid his face with such means as a hockey helmet, a fake beard, and even a paper bag.

At Destiny Fulfilled, Tannark teamed with XS3 to defeat Colossus Rhodes and Jonathan Rembrandt, pinning Rembrandt after a Shadow Step and a 602 to end The Unrest's reign of terror. When Ken Davids returned as commissioner, he returned Tannark's mask to him, allowing him to return to his roots. While Tannark said that his mask did not define who he was a person, he agreed to do it for the fans as well as "running out of costume ideas" and subsequently remasked to the delight of the SWI faithful.

Teaming with XS3 and World Champion (2013 - 2014)Edit

Tannark continued teaming with XS3 well into the new year, defeating Starrway Enterprises at Beginning Anew. On March 2, Tannark faced Carter Starr in Carter's first match on Apocalypse in a losing effort. At Unholy Confessions, Tannark and XS3 won the SWI World Tag Team Championship from Jeffy and Daniel Ness, making it Tannark's third reign with the titles and his first without CK Miles. Tannark then entered the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating Frankie Starr in the quarterfinals and Blackwolf in the semifinals. Tannark then defeated his own partner XS3 to win the tournament and a World title shot at Destiny Fulfilled. Tannark and XS3 lost the titles to The Callahans on November 2 after a long-running feud with the two; Starrway Enterprises attacked Tannark before the match begun, leaving XS3 to get pinned after Carter Starr attacked him. Tannark then defeated Carter and XS3 at Destiny Fulfilled in a High Stakes match for his second SWI World Championship.

Tannark defended the title against Carter in a rematch two weeks later with Blackwolf acting as referee, then went on to defend the title against Stan H. Johnston at Beginning Anew. Tannark then teamed with JR Stone and Team England to defend their titles against Starrway Enterprises at Challenging Adversity. Tannark's feud with Starrway Enterprises continued, as Tannark defended the title against Jeffy (who defeated Daniel Ness to win a title match early in the night, but lost when his teammates turned on him) at Rise of the Forces, and then against Daniel Ness at Questions Unanswered. Tannark then went on to defend the title against XS3, Andreas Trinidad, and TANK at Renewal, and then against Andreas at Independence 9. At Unholy Confessions, Tannark lost the World title to Monty James, ending his reign at 245 days. He lost a rematch for the title against the new champion Waylon Kenney at Betrayal, then again in a triple threat match involving Waylon and Monty at Broken Chains.

Various feuds and Grand Slam (2015 - 2017) Edit

After defeating Frankie Starr at Destiny Fulfilled, Tannark soon went for surgery to correct various issues he had been dealing with since August and was expected to be out of action for many months. He made his return on April 25, helping XS3 and Jeffy fight off The Barricade. The three of them defeated The Barricade and Jarod Barnes the following night at Questions Unanswered. Tannark then competed in a #1 Contender's match against XS3 and Jeffy at Renewal, but was defeated by XS3. Tannark and Jeffy then resumed their feud with The Barricade by teaming with Monty and Manzer to fight them off. The four men defeated The Barricade in a Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Tag Team match at Independence 10.

After numerous unsuccessful bids for the SWI World Championship, Tannark began feuding with Trent Radical over the SWI Canadian Television Championship. He went on to win the title at Destiny Fulfilled, becoming the first ever SWI Grand Slam Champion in the process. After defending the title against Trent Radical, Jeremy Besser, and Carlos, Tannark lost the title to Manzer after interference from B. Randall Morrison. Tannark renewed his rivalry with Trent Radical in May, when he challenged for Radical's North American title in a losing effort at Renewal. On June 25, Tannark was announced as the final inductee in the SWI Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Tannark then lost a 2/3 Falls match for the North American title the following night at Independence 11, and was barred from competing in SWI until Independence 12 as per the stipulations. This was done as a way to write Tannark out of storylines as he was scheduled to undergo neck surgery and addictions counselling. Tannark made a one-night only appearance at Destiny Fulfilled, acting as the guest referee for the SWI World Championship match between Andreas Trinidad and Keiji Satoshi.

Return (2017 - present) Edit

At Independence 12, Tannark made his return from hiatus and teamed with XS3 to defeat The Unregulars and win the SWI World Tag Team Championship, marking Tannark's fourth reign with the titles and his second with XS3. The duo defended the titles over the months against The Unregulars, Damage Inc., and Rock n' Roll Angels before losing the titles to The Besser Brothers on October 21. During this time, Tannark entered his third Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating Daniel Ness in the quarterfinals on September 16, but losing to Andreas Trinidad in the semifinals at Kill or Be Killed. Following the tag title loss, Tannark started a side feud with XS3 over the World title match at Destiny Fulfilled. Tannark defeated XS3 on November 25 to earn a spot in the match, where reigning champion Trent Radical emerged victorious. Tannark then earned a singles title shot against Radical on January 27 in a losing effort.

On March 10, Tannark suffered a torn ACL, sidelining him for most of 2018. He returned at Destiny Fulfilled, where he was ready to announce his comeback, only to be interrupted by Sam Hawkins. Tannark then defeated Hawkins in an impromptu match to win his SWI North American Championship. Tannark would defend the title over the months against Hawkins, VJ Nehra, and Samuel Sheppard, before losing it to Carlos on May 11.

Personal lifeEdit

Parker's initial goal was to make it to the army before deciding to go with professional wrestling. He was previously in a relationship with fellow pro wrestler Britney Maddox, who has been seen celebrating with him at various SWI events.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • The Byu! (Tornado DDT with theatrics) (2005 - 2006)
    • 602 (Frog splash) (2006 - present)
  • Trademark moves
    • Arm wrench with hook kick
    • Brainbuster to lighter opponents
    • Crossbody
    • Dog Paddle (Lunging forearm smash)
    • Doggy Dive (Diving flip neckbreaker)
    • Headbutt
    • Kazoo Krusher (Fireman's carry to double knee gutbuster) (2010 - present)
    • Nestea Plunge (Tannark runs to the ropes and jumps onto the top rope, before diving off with a crossbody to the outside)
    • Running big boot
    • Side headlock, with Tannark pointing to the sky saying "Byu!"
    • Somersault leg drop
    • Spinning heel kick
    • Spinning wheel kick
    • Springboard head scissors
    • Sunset powerbomb
    • Tilt-a-whirl arm drag
    • Victory roll
  • Nicknames
    • "The Diamond Dog"
  • ​Entrance themes
    • ​"Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience (June 8, 2005 - present)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit