Stan H. Johnston
Ring name(s) Stan H. Johnston
Height 6'6"
Weight 265 lbs.
Born July 2, 1979
(Houston, Texas)
Resides Houston, Texas
Billed From Houston, Texas
Debut 1996

Stan Johnston (born July 2, 1979 in Houston, Texas) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Stan H. Johnston. He is best known for his time on Fallout, where he was a former Fallout Openweight Champion, and Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where he is a one-time SWI North American Champion.

Early life and careerEdit

Johnston is a distant nephew of the legendary Stan Hansen, and was thus brought up to wrestle like him. Johnston competed for the Texas Independent Professional Wrestling Federation, having his debut match at the age of 17. Johnston won the TIPWF Heavyweight Championship, and held it for an unprecedented three years.

Fallout and Alpha Championship WrestlingEdit

Johnston then tried out for Alpha Championship Wrestling, being assigned to the Dwight Gym for further training. After graduating, Johnston competed for Fallout, which had become its own independent group by then. One of Johnston's more memorable moments occured when he teamed with Mark "The Axe" Miller and Everyman to defeat PEWA's P-Dogg, Skullface Killah, and Rampage in the Philly High Rise BBQ match. Later in the year, Johnston formed an alliance with Duke Cogburn and "Outlaw" Jack Connor, forming The Texans. The trio feuded with The Royles, who injured Johnston. Fallout went on hiatus before the feud could materialize, and Johnston continued his undefeated streak on the independents, winning the PEWA Extreme title and losing it without taking a fall.

On Fallout's return in February 2008, Johnston defeated long-time rival Daniel Ness to win the Fallout Openweight Championship. Johnston remained undefeated and defended the belt against Cernunnos and Bladeshadow, injuring his arm in the process. After surgery, Johnston returned just in time for Fallout's revival. At ACW Winter's Discontent 2008, Johnston lost the Openweight title to "Dangerous" Nick Alger, ending his undefeated streak in the process. After Fallout's cancellation, Johnston made two appearances for ACW, competing in the Fallen Heroes 2009 battle royal, and facing Jonny Spade in an Emperor of the Ring qualifying match in a losing effort.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

At Beginning Anew, Johnston was one of the thirty competitors in a battle royal fighting for a spot on the roster and a title shot. Johnston made it to the final ten, earning a spot on the SWI roster, but was the last man eliminated by Carter Starr under the disguise of Captain Calgary. Johnston then defeated Jeffy the following month at Challenging Adversity to win the SWI North American Championship, his first title in more than four years. Johnston went unbeaten over several months before being defeated by Carter Starr at Unholy Confessions in a match for the SWI World Championship, when Carter's stable Starrway Enterprises interfered on his behalf. Johnston lost the North American title to Mikey Stone on the following episode of Apocalypse, following further interference from Starrway Enterprises.

After a failed bid at winning the World title at Kill or Be Killed, Johnston won a future World title opportunity at Destiny Fulfilled by pinning Blackwolf in a match also involving Jeffy. Johnston lost his title match the following month at Beginning Anew, when he was defeated by Tannark Fisher. After being written off following an attack from the Fair Verona Connection, Johnston allowed his contract with SWI to expire. He made a one-night only return at Independence 10, competing in an Alumni Battle Royal, where he was eliminated by Perro Loco and Trent Radical.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Oklahoma Stampede (Crossbody hold followed by ramming the opponent into the turnbuckle and then delivering a powerslam)
    • Western Lariat (High-impact lariat)
  • Trademark moves
    • ​Back elbow smash
    • Big boot
    • DDT
    • Diving lariat
    • Fallaway slam
    • Lifting backdrop suplex
    • Oklahoma slam
    • Open hand face slaps
    • Powerbomb
    • Powerslam
    • Running elbow drop
    • Running shoulder block
    • Scoop slam
    • Standing front facelock
    • Vertical suplex
  • Nicknames
    • "Big Texan​"
  • ​Entrance themes
    • ​"Sunrise" by All Japan Pro Wrestling (January 20, 2013 - April 27, 2014)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • Fallout
    • Fallout Openweight Championship (1 time)
  • Philidelphia Extreme Wrestling Alliance
    • PEWA Extreme Championship (1 time)
  • Soul Wrestling Incorporated
  • Texas Independent Professional Wrestling Federation
    • TIPWF Heavyweight Championship (1 time)