The SWI 24 is a name given to a select group of wrestlers that competed in Soul Wrestling Incorporated. The group was primarily documented from October 2007 to December 2008, when SWI was in its Underground Era at the time.


As SWI lost its television deal with CBC and decided to hold events in a building near XS3's house in Maple Creek, 24 of the 30 contracted wrestlers at the time agreed to act as SWI's roster until the company got its television deal back. This led to the roster competing against each other in numerous matches for the next fourteen months until SWI returned to CBC in 2009. It was because of their dedication to the company that these individuals earned the moniker of the SWI 24. The group also made appearances with Alpha Championship Wrestling, Fallout, and Dark Sunrise Wrestling throughout 2008. DSW was groomed to be a spiritual successor to SWI of sorts until lack of interest led to the company's demise after two shows. Edgemaster, Ken Williams, Jason Daniels, and The Drinkin Boyz competed as Team SWI on Fallout, with Williams and Daniels winning the company's tag team titles.

Many members of the group competed in several independent companies during the Underground Era, interacting with many of SWI's future prospects, including Monty James and Bad Attitude Inc. On June 26, 2008, a show entitled SWI Lives!: One Night Only promoted by Maple Creek Championship Wrestling was held featuring all of the SWI 24 competing against each other as well SWI wrestlers from the past and MCCW wrestlers as well. The event was notable in that it led to MCCW eventually becoming the developmental territory of SWI, a relationship which would last until January 16, 2012.

When SWI announced its return to the mainstream in December 2008, the SWI 24 (along with some veterans and newcomers) were immediately signed to new deals. However, The Drinkin Boyz withdrew from their involvement to focus on Fallout (which ironically closed the following month), thus making Destiny Fulfilled the last event in which the SWI 24 appeared together. As of December 30, 2018, two of the SWI 24 are still with the company today: SP Robertson (as a color commentator) and Tannark Fisher. Two of the SWI 24 have since been deceased: Afternoon Drinkin and Joey McFarlane.