Mikey Stone
Ring name(s) Manic Mike
Mikey Stone
Height 6'2"
Weight 196 lbs.
Born July 7, 1990
(Prince George, British Columbia)
Resides Duchess, Alberta
Billed From Calgary, Alberta
Prince George, British Columbia
Debut 2009

Michael Joseph Cotton III (born July 7, 1990 in Prince George, British Columbia) is a Canadian professional wrestler, best known as Mikey Stone. He is best known for his tenure in Soul Wrestling Incorporated from 2010 to 2017. Mikey was one half of The Stones with JR Stone, with the two becoming 3-time SWI World Tag Team Champions. The Stones' second reign with the titles is the longest in its history at 238 days. Mikey is also a one-time SWI World Champion, a two-time SWI North American Champion, and a one-time SWI Canadian Television Champion. Mikey is the 14th SWI Triple Crown Champion, and the 3rd SWI Grand Slam Champion.

Early life and careerEdit

Cotton was born to Mike and Karen Cotton. His father and grandfather were also named Michael Joseph Cotton, making him the third in his family. Cotton graduated from Brooks Composite High School in 2008 and moved back to British Columbia to train to become a pro wrestler. He debuted in 2009 under the name Manic Mike.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

The Stones and SWI World Tag Team Champions (2010 - 2012)Edit

Cotton was signed to an SWI contract after officials witnessed a match between him and James Roberts and noted their chemistry. Cotton and Roberts were repckaged as Mikey and JR Stone, respectively, forming a stoner tag team known as The Stones and gaining Mary Jane as their manager. The team made their debut at Rise of the Forces, defeating Team England. The two then feuded with Team England and Bad Attitude Inc. over the summer for the SWI World Tag Team Championship. The Stones became #1 contenders to the titles at Destiny Fulfilled, but lost their title match against Worldwide Truth & Freedom at Beginning Anew. They then defeated W.T.F. the next month at Challenging Adversity in a TLC match to win the titles. The Stones lost the titles to The Monstourage at Questions Unanswered and turned face in the process.

On July 9, Mikey faced JR in a match to qualify for the Versus the World match at Disasterpiece, but was defeated, creating dissension between the two. Despite the loss, Mikey was entered into a battle royal for the SWI North American Championship at the event, where he was eliminated by Blackwolf. Mikey made amends with JR after the match, and the two resumed their pursuit for the tag titles, defeating the Monstourage in a Texas Deathmatch at Kill or Be Killed along the way.

The Stones then turned heel at Broken Chains, attacking Bad Attitude Inc. and W.T.F. after a failed bid to win the tag titles. The Stones and Mary Jane then defeated Bad Attitude Inc. and Lisa Cross to win the World Tag Team and Women's titles, respectively, at Destiny Fulfilled. The Stones defended the titles over the months against W.T.F., Bad Attitude Inc., The Brothers Grimm, Los Opuestos, and the Drinkin Boyz, before losing them to the Brothers Grimm at Unholy Confessions. The Stones challenged for the titles at Betrayal and Destiny Fulfilled, but were unsuccessful in both attempts.

Going solo and North American Champion (2013 - 2014)Edit

At Beginning Anew, The Stones and Bad Attitude Inc. faced each other one last time, with the losing team having to disband. The Stones lost the match, and Mikey attacked JR after the match, leaving him and Mary Jane behind. Mikey explained that he carried The Stones on his back while everyone showered JR with praise instead of him. Mikey and JR then faced each other at Rise of the Forces in a SWI World Championship #1 Contenders Ladder match, but Mikey was unsuccessful in winning the match. Mikey challenged Stan H. Johnston for the SWI North American Championship at Questions Unanswered, but was defeated. Mikey, along with Blackwolf and Jeffy, then challenged JR Stone for the World title at Renewal, where Mikey was once again defeated by his brother. Mikey then continued his championship crusade when he and Robert Russo faced Bad Attitude Inc. for the World Tag Team titles at Independence 8 in a losing effort.

At Unholy Confessions, Mikey defeated Russo, Gene Van Tyler, and Hayden Wilkinson to win a North American title match. Mikey then defeated Johnston on the following episode of Apocalypse to win the title, albeit with heavy interference from Starrway Enterprises. He defended the title against Colossus Rhodes, Johnston (via DQ), and Monty James over the course of September. Mikey entered the 2nd annual Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, where he was defeated by Andreas Trinidad in the first round. Mikey cost him his match against XS3 at Kill or Be Killed in retaliation, then went on to defend the title against him at Broken Chains. Mikey rekindled his feud with JR, then went on to face him, Andreas, and TANK at Destiny Fulfilled in a 30 Minute Ironman match for the North American title. Mikey lost the match, taking the final pin from JR. Mikey then faced JR for the title at Beginning Anew, but was once again defeated by JR.

Starrway Enterprises (2014)Edit

Throughout February, Mikey appeared in the crowd and in random places in the Duchess Hall, holding up a sign that said "Don't Fire Mikey!" while wearing a shirt with the same slogan. This was because Mikey was paranoid that his multiple losses to JR would cost him his job. Mikey then turned face on the March 1 episode of Apocalypse by defeating Jarod Barnes. Mikey faced Jarod at Rise of the Forces to see who would face JR for the North American title, but was defeated. Mikey then began accompanying JR, who would take Mikey's attempt at rekindling his friendship with his brother with a grain of salt. Mikey expressed interest in teaming with JR, but was always at ringside while JR teamed with different partners.

Mikey then supported JR for his North American title match against Daniel Ness at Renewal. Mikey went to grab a chair towards the end to use on Ness, but instead attempted to use it on JR, who caught Mikey with the H.O.C. Ness went on to win the match and the title, and Mikey joined Starrway Enterprises after the match, turning heel once again. Mikey explained that he did what he did because he was always getting mistreated by JR when he wanted to be a team with him again. Mikey then faced JR in a Last Man Standing match at Independence 9, and finally managed to defeat JR by throwing him off the stage and hitting a leg drop onto a chair wrapped around JR's throat. Mikey then looked on in regret after the match.

Following Independence, Mikey would become severely depressed due to his regret of his attack on JR, who would eventually return and continually attack Mikey. On August 23, with the help of his stablemates, Mikey defeated Keiji Satoshi to win the SWI Canadian Television Championship. Mikey successfully defended the title against Keiji at Unholy Confessions. Over the course of September, Starrway Enterprises' treatment of Mikey began to worsen to the point of physical abuse for failing to prevent the European Union beating Frankie to win the Tag Team titles at Betrayal. At Kill or Be Killed, Mikey lost the Canadian Television title to Manzer. At the end of the event, Mikey was beaten down by Starrway, but was saved by JR, Monty, and Tannark Fisher.

On the following episode of Apocalypse, Mikey was revealed to be bound to Starrway Enterprises due to the group successfully manipulating Alfred King into turning Mikey's contract into a Starrway contract, which would be breached if Mikey attacked any member of Starrway. Later in the night, the group beat him down once more after he failed to win back the Canadian Television title, thus turning him face out of sympathy once more. Mikey then challenged JR to a Steel Cage match for Destiny Fulfilled to give the rematch he wanted and to make sure he did it on his own. Despite Starrway's attempted manipulation and interference, Mikey defeated JR on his own at the event, then helped JR beat down Frankie and Ness before celebrating with his brother.

The Stones reunion and going solo (2015 - 2017) Edit

On January 3, The Stones reunited and helped members of the SWI roster beat down Starrway. It was revealed that Mikey's Starrway contract had expired, and he was signed to a new deal on January 1. The Stones then defeated Starrway at Beginning Anew, and then defeated them in a Ladder match at Challenging Adversity, forcing them to disband. The Stones then won their third SWI World Tag Team Championship at Renewal, defeating The Barricade. They retained the titles against The Barricade on June 13, and then won a Tag Team Turmoil match at Independence 10. The Stones successfully defended the titles against the likes of The Drinkin Bros. and Rock n' Roll Angels over the following months before losing them to The Risen at Kill or Be Killed.

After coming up short in a tag title match against The Risen at Destiny Fulfilled, Mikey was encouraged by JR to enter a tournament for the newly vacant SWI North American Championship. He defeated Sam Hawkins, Kellen Sampson, and Kyle Madden before defeating B. Randall Morrison in the finals at Beginning Anew to win his second North American title. Mikey lost the title to Trent Radical on the March 19 episode of Apocalypse and lost a subsequent rematch at Rise of the Forces. After accompanying JR to his final match at Questions Unanswered, Mikey announced he was taking time off to heal up an injury he had suffered at Rise of the Forces. He returned on July 2, qualifying for the Versus the World Match by defeating Fat Tony Drinkin. Mikey made it to the final two before being eliminated by the champion Ben Drinkin after interference from the Drinkin Clan. Mikey then defeated Ben Drinkin on August 13 to win the SWI World Championship, becoming the 14th Triple Crown Champion and the 3rd Grand Slam Champion. After defending the title in a Harbor Cage match, Mikey lost the title in a Four Corners Elimination match at Betrayal. On February 7, 2017, Mikey announced he was leaving SWI on good terms to pursue a career in construction.

Personal lifeEdit

Cotton graduated from Medicine Hat College with a diploma in Power Engineering Technology.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Blaze of Glory (Phoenix splash)
    • Vaporizer (Standing shiranui into lungblower) (2016 - 2017)
  • Trademark moves
    • Cartwheel into back elbow smash to cornered opponent
    • Corkscrew plancha
    • Diving crossbody
    • Head scissors into armbar takedown
    • Hurracanrana
    • Open face slaps
    • Pipe Dream (Koji Clutch)
    • Spinning wheel kick
    • Standing moonsault
  • Managers
  • Entrance themes
    • ​"Kaya" by Bob Marley (March 28, 2010 - January 27, 2013; January 3, 2015 - February 7, 2017)
    • "In Cold Blood" by Sluggo feat. Getter (February 9, 2013 - May 25, 2014)
    • "Mainlining Murder" by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards (May 31, 2014 - December 28, 2014)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit