Lauren Terry
Ring name(s) Lauren Terry
Height 5'5"
Born June 6, 1993
(Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Resides Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Debut 2008

Lauren Anne Terry (born June 6, 1993 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada) is a Canadian announcer and television personality, currently signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated where she works as a backstage interviewer.

Personal lifeEdit

Lauren was born to Parker Irvine and Diane Terry in 1993. Her father Parker competed in KWA and SWI as Nightmare, and her uncle Matt currently competes in SWI as XS3. She graduated from Maple Creek Composite School in 2011, and graduated from Medicine Hat College in 2013 with a diploma in Global Tourism and Marketing. She is currently in a relationship with fellow SWI colleague Calvin Jones.

Lauren noted in an interview in July 2013 that she became estranged from her mother, following years of emotional abuse since her father's death. In addition, Lauren's mother spent her daughter's college fund on her new boyfriend. Lauren stated that she no longer has contact with her mother and that SWI owner Jonathan Rembrandt opted to pay for her first year of schooling upon hearing the news.

Alpha Championship WrestlingEdit

Lauren made a handful of appearances for Alpha Championship Wrestling, often with her uncle XS3. She portrayed a fan at Seven Deadly Sins 2008, where she was about to be attacked by Exemplar until XS3 made the save. Lauren was then seen in the crowd at Winter's Discontent that year, sitting at ringside for XS3 and Thunder Train's tag team title defense against Double Penetration. Lauren then made a few appearances in April 2009, supporting her uncle's ACW World title match against Jake Steele. She was not seen after Fallen Heroes 2009.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

On the December 11, 2010 episode of Apocalypse, Lauren made her SWI debut as their new backstage interviewer, taking over from Joanna Garland, who departed weeks before. Since her debut, she has often been teased or picked on by Frankie Starr. Following Ruff Buff McDuff's retirement in January 2013, Lauren remained the sole backstage interviewer of the company until Mike Sturgeon returned to SWI programming as a new interviewer. She later became the sole backstage interviewer once again when Mike moved to play-by-play commentary; this lasted until Calvin Jones' debut in January 2015. In November 2013, she was involved in her first storyline when Starrway Enterprises abducted her to lure XS3 into a trap. The following week, Carter Starr threatened to have the group attack her until Ken Davids intervened, allowing Lauren to escape.

In wrestlingEdit

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