Ken Davids
Ring name(s) Ken Davids
Height 6'7"
Weight 275 lbs
Born February 22, 1974
(Los Angeles, California)
Resides New York City, New York
Billed From Beverly Hills, California
Debut May 7, 1999
Retired September 3, 2011

Ken Michael Davids (born February 22, 1974 in Los Angeles, California) is a retired American professional wrestler, best known for his time in Soul Wrestling Incorporated. Davids is one of the most decorated wrestlers of the company, having been a record-tying three-time SWI World Champion (in which he also holds the record for the longest reign at 295 days), a two-time SWI North American Champion, and a five-time SWI World Tag Team Champion with Necrosphere. Davids is the second Triple Crown Champion. From 2012 to 2015, he served as the on-screen commissioner. The Ministry, along with XS3 are considered to be the embodiment of the company. He was one of the first inductees for the SWI Hall of Fame.

Personal life and early careerEdit

Davids was born on February 22, 1974 to Keith and Mary Davids. Davids graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in business. Davids married his high school sweetheart Jamie on July 6, 2000. The couple have had two children together, Kyle Cameron (August 6, 2002) and Tristan Dawn (November 6, 2005). Davids debuted in 1999, having developed an interest in pro wrestling after growing up watching the Monday Night Wars.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

The Ministry, Tag Team and North American Champion (2005 - 2007)Edit

Davids signed with Soul Wrestling Incorporated, and made his debut on June 8. In the main event, he teamed Necrosphere to form The Ministry, and defeated XS3 and Punished Fox of Demon Inc. The following week, The Ministry defeated Ken Williams & Jason Daniels, The Calgary Cowboys and The Muses to become the first ever SWI Tag Team Champions. The team defended their titles against the Cowboys, Williams & Daniels, The Muses, Demon Inc., and the Master Brothers over the months. In August 2005, they defended the titles against the Muses in Japan, thus becoming the SWI World Tag Team Champions. On October 5, the Ministry were defeated by the Master Brothers for the SWI World Tag Team Championship following interference by Overkill. The Ministry regained the titles three weeks later, defeating the Master Brothers in a Street Fight.

On December 28, The Ministry lost the tag team titles to Lakeside's Most Wanted. The following week, Necrosphere lost the SWI World Championship to Overkill. Following an unsuccessful attempt at regaining the title, The Ministry defeated Lakeside's Most Wanted in a tables match on February 15 to once again become the SWI World Tag Team Champions. The team defended the titles successfully until May 13, when they were defeated by the Calgary Cowboys in a steel cage match.

A week after losing the tag titles, Davids defeated Punished Fox in a Tables match to win the SWI North American Championship. At Independence, Davids defeated Edgemaster to retain the SWI North American Championship. The following week, the Ministry announced their intent to ruin XS3's life and take his World title from him. XS3 defeated Necrosphere and Davids in a triple threat match at Disasterpiece to retain his title. The Ministry then attacked XS3's wife Christine on the following episode of Apocalypse, with Necrosphere delivering the Void Crusher to her. On August 19, Perro Loco defeated Davids to win the SWI North American Championship. At Unholy Confessions, the Ministry wrestled XS3 and Perro in a match where whichever champion was pinned would lose their title to the person who defeated them. Necrosphere pinned XS3 to win the SWI World Championship.

At Betrayal, Davids defeated Perro to regain the North American title. Davids retained the North American title at Kill or Be Killed, teaming with SWI World Tag Team Champions C-Code & MC Bob in a Winners Take All match against Perro Loco and The Party Animals. On the following episode of Apocalypse, Davids entered a tournament for the vacant SWI World Championship. Davids lost to XS3 in the first round, losing the SWI North American Championship in the process as he agreed to defend it against him before the match. XS3 defeated Davids at Broken Chains in a rematch for the North American title.

After defeating the Drinkin Boyz at Destiny Fulfilled and losing a number one contenders battle royal at Beginning Anew, The Ministry challenged XS3 and Joey McFarlane for the SWI World Tag Team Championship, but their match at Challenging Adveristy went to a no-contest. Following the match, The Ministry stole the titles. XS3 and Joey defeated The Ministry the following month at Rise of the Forces in a steel cage match to retain their titles as well as regain custody of their belts. The duo lost a Four Corners elimination match at Questions Unanswered for the titles, and then a #1 Contender's match against the Calgary Cowboys at Renewal.

Feud with Necrosphere, Trinity, and World Champion (2007 - 2008)Edit

Necrosphere and Davids, frustrated with their recent lack of success, decided to settle their growing personal issues with each other in a 30 minute Ironman match at Independence. Davids won the match by scoring a single point with two seconds remaining. Following the match, the two were attacked by Trinity, turning both men face. At Disasterpiece, The Ministry lost to Trinity in a match where the losing team had to disband. After the split, Davids set his sights on the SWI World Championship. Davids defeated Waylon Kenney at Unholy Confessions with Necrosphere acting as the guest referee. Davids lost to SP Robertson at Betrayal, but won the title on the following Apocalypse when he pinned CK in a fatal four way match involving him, SP, CK, and Survivor. At Kill or Be Killed: The Final Chapter, Davids retained the SWI World Championship against SP Robertson and Edgemaster. Davids then defeated SP at Broken Chains to retain the title and finally defeat SP in a singles match.

Davids defended the title against Necrosphere and Joey McFarlane at Destiny Fulfilled and Beginning Anew. During a tag match with XS3 against Joey McFarlane and Rainmaster, Davids walked out on XS3, turning heel. Davids defended the title against Rainmaster, Ben Drinkin, and Afternoon Drinkin while constantly avoiding XS3's challenges. Davids defended the title against XS3 at Independence, but the match went to a no-contest. At Disasterpiece, Davids lost the World title to XS3 in the Versus the World match, becoming the first champion to lose his title in the match. At the time of the defeat, Davids held the record for longest reign at 295 days. Davids challenged XS3 the following month at Unholy Confessions, but lost in a Submission match. At Broken Chains, Davids cost Necrosphere his match against Survivor, leading to Necrosphere costing Davids his match against SP Robertson. This led to a match at Destiny Fulfilled, where Necrosphere finally managed to defeat Davids.

World Champion, injury, Ministry Reunion, and retirement (2009 - 2011)Edit

Following SWI's return in 2009, The Ministry reunited as faces. Davids and Necrosphere competed in a triple threat match with Joey McFarlane for the vacant SWI World Championship. Davids won the match, but proved his loyalty to Necrosphere after the match. Davids defended the World title against Joey at Challenging Adversity, but tore his quadriceps muscle during the match. Joey won the title and Davids was out for six months. Davids returned after extensive rehabbing at Kill or Be Killed, defeating Joey in a grudge match. Davids faced Edgemaster at Broken Chains for an SWI World title shot at Destiny Fulfilled, losing by DQ. Davids then defeated old rival SP Robertson at Destiny Fulfilled in SP's retirement match.

At Challenging Adversity, Davids won an SWI World title shot in the Golden Opportunity battle royal, but lost the following month to Frankie Starr at Rise of the Forces. After Frankie's title match with Necrosphere at Questions Unanswered, Davids attacked Frankie, turning heel. Davids defeated Frankie at Renewal to win the SWI World Championship for a record third time, then defended the title against Frankie in a Lumberjack match at Independence. Davids then lost the World title in the Versus the World match at Disasterpiece. Davids then won a match to challenge for any title he wanted at Unholy Confessions. He chose to challenge for Team England's SWI World Tag Team Championship with Necrosphere, claiming that Necrosphere's days of constant world title disappointment would come to an end. Necrosphere refused to show loyalty to Davids, who constantly tried goading him into reforming The Ministry. At Unholy Confessions, Necrosphere turned heel during the match by striking Benjamin Collier with his tag title behind the referee's back. This allowed The Ministry to officially reunite and win the SWI World Tag Team Championship for a fourth time. They defended the titles against Team England at Betrayal, and Monty James and Jeffy at Kill or Be Killed.

On the next episode of Apocalypse, The Ministry aligned themselves with CK Miles, Darren Phoenix, and Justine Vaine to form a temporary "Golden Alliance" to take on the youth of SWI. At Broken Chains, the Golden Alliance lost a Harbor Cage match to Edgemaster and Worldwide Truth & Freedom. The Ministry defended the tag titles against W.T.F. at Destiny Fulfilled, before losing the titles to them in a steel cage match two weeks later on Apocalypse. Necrosphere and Davids challenged Edgemaster for the SWI World Championship at Challenging Adversity, but lost. After losing a tag team match with CK Miles against Bad Attitude Inc. and XS3, The Ministry went on hiatus.

The Ministry returned on the July 2 episode of Apocalypse, saving Worldwide Truth & Freedom from a Monstourage sneak attack and turning face as a result. On July 23, Necrosphere defeated Davids to gain entry into the Versus the World match at Disasterpiece. The following month, The Ministry announced that they would be retiring after Unholy Confessions, then challenged The Monstourage for the SWI World Tag Team Championship for their last match. In their final match, The Ministry defeated The Monstourage to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship for a record-breaking fifth and final time. The duo vacated the titles after the event, then appeared on the following Apocalypse to deliver their farewell speech.

Commissioner and departure (2012 - 2015)Edit

At Destiny Fulfilled, Davids returned to the company as the new on-screen commissioner, following Jonathan Rembrandt's defeat at the hands of Tannark Fisher and XS3. On the December 21, 2013 episode of Apocalypse, Carter Starr attacked Davids with a lead pipe, causing him to not appear for three weeks. Davids appointed Alfred King as his interim commissioner in his absence, then kept him as an assistant upon his return. Davids then had problems with King making matches without his consent, and constantly had to keep in line. In September, following the Starrway Enterprises gauntlet match that King was forced to make, Davids placed King on suspension while he dealt with Starrway personally. Davids later reinstated King as it was learned that Starrway had used King's daughter Laura to blackmail him into making the match.

On January 3, Davids announced he was stepping down from his commissioner role, appointing King to the position. Davids then bid an emotional farewell to the SWI crowd, effectively retiring to his home and family in Los Angeles. On June 20, he was announced as the next inductee into the SWI Hall of Fame. He then made an appearance at Independence 10, reuniting with Necrosphere to help XS3 and others fight off a group of disgruntled talent.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Dragon Clutch (Dragon sleeper with scissors)
    • Shining Wizard
  • Trademark moves
    • Ankle lock
    • Armbar takedown
    • Butterfly lock
    • Brainbuster suplex
    • Double leg takedown
    • European uppercut
    • Fireman's carry
    • German suplex
    • Grounded knee strikes to the back of the head
    • Heel hook
    • Kicking combination
    • Octopus stretch
    • Rear naked choke
    • Roundhouse kicks
    • Running knee lift
    • Shoulder thrust in the corner
    • Snap powerslam
    • Trapping headbutts followed by a trapped suplex
  • Managers
  • Nicknames
    • "Millionaire"
  • Entrance themes
    • ​"Laid to Rest" by Lamb of God (June 8, 2005 - January 3, 2015)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit