Keiji Satoshi
Ring name(s) Keiji Satoshi
Height 6'0"
Weight 212 lbs.
Born December 13, 1989
(Iwatsuki, Japan)
Resides Saitama, Japan
Billed From Saitama, Japan
Debut 2010

Keiji Satoshi (聡 圭司 Satoshi Keiji, born December 13, 1989) is a Japanese professional wrestler. He is currently signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated. Keiji is a one-time SWI World Champion, becoming the first Japanese wrestler to win the title, as well as a 2-time SWI Canadian Television Champion, and a one-time SWI North American Champion.

Early life and careerEdit

Keiji grew up watching All Japan Pro Wrestling, idolizing Mitsuharu Misawa. He trained with future SWI wrestler Yoshiro Atoshi before making his debut in 2010. He debuted with KIHAKU Pro that year and went on to win their Junior Heavyweight Championship three times and their Openweight Championship two times.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Sporadic appearances (2012 - 2013)Edit

Keiji Satoshi made his first appearance for Soul Wrestling Incorporated in 2012, defeating his trainer Yoshiro Atoshi to qualify for the Versus the World Match at Disasterpiece. He made it to the final three before being eliminated by Frankie Starr. A year later, Keiji competed in a tournament to crown the first ever SWI Cruiserweight Champion, defeating The Wuss on September 14 and Skitzy on September 28. The following night at Betrayal, Keiji was defeated in the finals by Shorty Drinkin. Keiji was signed to an SWI contract the following day, but opted to report to Future Souls Initiative to hone his craft and continue to learn English.

SWI Canadian Television Champion and North American Champion (2014 - 2016)Edit

After weeks of hype videos, Keiji made his proper debut as an official SWI wrestler, defeating Hayden Wilkinson at Challenging Adversity with the Seishin Buster. Keiji then defeated Hayden's partner Robert Russo on the following episode of Apocalypse. Two weeks later, Keiji defeated Kellen Sampson to win the (now renamed) SWI Canadian Television Championship. He defended the title against Kellen at Rise of the Forces. Keiji continued to successfully defend his title over the months, including a six-pack challenge at Independence 9. On August 23, Keiji lost the title to Mikey Stone, following interference from Starrway Enterprises. Keiji lost his rematch at Unholy Confessions, when fellow KIHAKU Pro alumni Daisuke Taguchi and Suzuki Morimoto cost him the match. Keiji teamed with Manzer to defeat Taguchi and Morimoto at Betrayal. Keiji then entered the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating B. Randall Morrison and Daniel Ness before losing in the finals to Nicholai Ivanov.

The following month, Keiji defeated Ness at Broken Chains to win the SWI North American Championship. He successfully defended the title against Ness in a 2/3 Falls match at Destiny Fulfilled. Keiji lost the title to Hayden Wilkinson on the April 4 episode of Apocalypse, following interference from his group The Barricade. On June 20, Keiji regained the SWI Canadian Television Championship, defeating B. Randall Morrison. He retained the title at Independence 10 in a match where the SWI North American Championship was on the line in a separate fall; Keiji pinned Russo to retain his title. Keiji lost the title to Trent Radical at Betrayal. On December 12, Keiji was coerced into helping Nicholai attack Team England and be Nicholai's partner for their match at Destiny Fulfilled, with Nicholai owing Keiji "a favor". However, after Nicholai abandoned him during their match, Keiji attacked him on the following Apocalypse and apologized to Team England.

World Champion (2016 - present) Edit

Keiji then entered the North American Championship tournament, defeating Nicholai Ivanov and Manzer before he was eliminated from the tournament by B. Randall Morrison. Keiji soon feuded with Morrison, defeating him at Rise of the Forces. Keiji soon joined forces with Morrison, and later Truth & Freedom, XS3, and Benjamin Collier to feud with the Drinkin Clan. This led to Keiji's team winning an Elimination tag team match at Independence 11, where Keiji debuted a new submission hold called The Solution. Keiji then helped his old rival B. Randall Morrison fend off attacks from the Corporate Club, with Keiji defeating Daniel Ness at Unholy Confessions.

Keiji entered his second Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, defeating Nick Grant in the quarterfinals. He then defeated Ben Drinkin in the semifinals and Kyle Madden in the finals at Kill or Be Killed to win the tournament. Keiji then won the SWI World Championship from Andreas Trinidad at Destiny Fulfilled, becoming the first Japanese wrestler to win the title. He defended the title in a triple threat match against Andreas and Ness at Beginning Anew, then against Andreas at Challenging Adversity in SWI's first ever Frontier of Honor match. He then defended the title in back to back PPVs against Sam Hawkins, first in a singles match at Rise of the Forces, then in a Ladder match at Questions Unanswered. After defending the championship against Trent Radical at Independence 12, Keiji accepted a challenge from Steve Phillips to a match at Destiny Fulfilled with both the SWI and ACW World Championships on the line. However, on July 15, Keiji lost the title to Sam Hawkins, following interference from the Corporate Club.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Seishin Buster (Cross-legged brainbuster onto the knee)
    • The Solution (Rivera cloverleaf) (2016 - present)
  • Trademark moves
    • Arm drag series
    • Crossbody
    • Falcon arrow
    • Front missile dropkick
    • Kick from Kyoto (Roundhouse kick, adopted from Yoshiro Atoshi)
    • Kneeling armbar
    • Multiple kicks to the chest of cornered opponent
    • Multiple suplex variations, often with a bridging pin
      • Dragon
      • German
      • Straightjacket
      • Tiger
    • Open face slaps
    • Rebound clothesline
    • Rolling body scissors pin
    • Springboard back elbow smash
    • Standing moonsault
  • Entrance themes
    • "Clock Strikes" by One OK Rock (February 23, 2014 - present)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit