Ring name(s) Jeffy
Ryan Montgomery
Height 6'10"
Weight 300 lbs
Born June 16, 1981
(Edmonton, Alberta)
Resides Lethbridge, Alberta
Billed From Lethbridge, Alberta
Debut 2008

Ryan Montgomery (born June 16, 1981 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian professional wrestler, best known by his ring name Jeffy. He is currently signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where he is a three-time SWI World Tag Team Champion (twice with Worldwide Truth & Freedom and once with Daniel Ness), and a one-time SWI North American Champion.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Debut and W.T.F. (2010 - 2012)Edit

After two years of working the west coast indies under his real name, Montgomery was signed to a developmental deal with Soul Wrestling Incorporated on May 6, 2010. Vignettes began airing in June, featuring Montgomery in a full body Orc costume and using the name Jeffy. He made his debut on the July 17 episode of Apocalypse as a face, defeating Cody King. His gimmick was explained that he was an Orc who had given up consuming human flesh and had channeled his aggression into professional wrestling. Jeffy later formed a tag team with Monty James, with the two defeating The Stones at Betrayal for a chance to face The Ministry for the SWI World Tag Team Championship. The two lost their match at Kill or Be Killed. On the following episode of Apocalypse, Jeffy joined Monty, Blackwolf, Kennedy, and the returning Edgemaster in fighting off the Golden Alliance.

Jeffy appeared with Monty, Kennedy, and Blackwolf the following week to form Worldwide Truth & Freedom. Jeffy teamed with Blackwolf later in the night to defeat Bad Attitude Inc. Edgemaster and W.T.F. then defeated the Golden Alliance at Broken Chains to earn title shots at Destiny Fulfilled. Jeffy faced Darren Phoenix at the event for the SWI North American Championship, but lost the match. On the January 15, 2011 episode of Apocalypse, Monty and Jeffy defeated The Ministry in a Steel Cage match to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship. They held the titles until Challenging Adversity, when they lost the titles to The Stones. Following the loss of the titles, Jeffy began competing less and less during 2011, with the exception of a North American title match at Questions Unanswered, where he lost to Nicholai Ivanov.

Jeffy then began competing more regularly towards the end of the year, including facing CK Miles in a losing effort at Kill or Be Killed. Jeffy and Blackwolf competed in the tag team division while Monty focused on regaining the SWI World Championship. W.T.F. then became a tag team when Monty and Kennedy left on the February 18 episode. On March 31, Jeffy pinned CK in a tag team match, earning a World title match at Questions Unanswered. Jeffy lost the match, then lost a rematch involving Blackwolf at Renewal, leading to tension within W.T.F. After losing a tag team match to Team MCCW at Independence, W.T.F. disbanded and Jeffy defeated Blackwolf at Disasterpiece.

North American Champion and Starrway Enterprises (2012 - 2014)Edit

Jeffy entered the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament in October, defeating Colossus Rhodes in the first round. Jeffy then defeated Waylon Kenney in the second round at Kill or Be Killed. As Waylon agreed to defend the SWI North American Championship before the match, Jeffy won the North American title, his first singles title. Jeffy then went on to lose to Blackwolf in the finals. Jeffy then defended the North American title against Waylon, Nicholai, Gene Van Tyler, and Jarod Barnes before losing the title to Stan H. Johnston at Challenging Adversity. Jeffy then lost a subsequent rematch to Johnston two weeks later.

At Rise of the Forces, Jeffy teamed with Blackwolf and Johnston to face Frankie Starr, Waylon Kenney, and Daniel Ness of Starrway Enterprises. During the closing moments, Jeffy walked out on his teammates, allowing Blackwolf to be pinned. Jeffy then returned to the ring and attacked Blackwolf, turning heel and joining Starrway Enterprises. Jeffy then appeared on the next episode of Apocalypse in a suit and sunglasses, saying he was tired of constantly being in Blackwolf's shadow and left to join a stable where he could actually prove himself. Jeffy competed for the SWI World Championship at Renewal in a fatal four way with JR Stone, Mikey Stone, and Blackwolf, but lost when Blackwolf took out Jeffy. The two faced each other in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Independence 8, where Jeffy lost.

On the following episode of Apocalypse, Jeffy teamed with Daniel Ness to defeat Bad Attitude Inc. for the SWI World Tag Team Championship. The two defended against Bad Attitude Inc. in a rematch, before losing the titles to Tannark Fisher and XS3 at Unholy Confessions. Jeffy later competed for a World title shot at Destiny Fulfilled in a match  involving Blackwolf and Johnston, but lost when Johnston pinned Blackwolf. In February, Jeffy and Daniel Ness teased dissension after seeing who would make a better World champion of the two. This led to a match between the two at Rise of the Forces, with the winner immediately facing Tannark Fisher for the SWI World Championship. Jeffy won the match, but lost the title match when Starrway Enterprises turned on him, turning Jeffy face as a result.

W.T.F. reunion and retirement (2014 - 2015)Edit

On May 3, Jeffy faced Starrway Enterprises in a handicap match. Jeffy won by DQ, but was beat down by his former allies. This led to Blackwolf, Monty, and Kennedy coming to Jeffy's aid, with the beatdown ending with Blackwolf and Jeffy hitting the Worldwide Justice and W.T.F. reuniting at the end of the show. W.T.F. then defeated Starrway Enterprises at Renewal. Jeffy and Monty then defeated Starrway Enterprises for the SWI World Tag Team Championship at Independence 9. W.T.F. lost the tag team titles in a four corners match at Betrayal. After the group unsuccessfully challenged for the tag team titles at Destiny Fulfilled, the group left separately with Jeffy being the last man to leave.

Jeffy revealed on the following Apocalypse that W.T.F. was on hiatus until they could get on the same page. Jeffy later got into a brief confrontation with Monty that night. It was then revealed that Jeffy and Monty were trying to see who would be the first to gain singles gold. During a triple threat tag team match on January 24, Monty betrayed his W.T.F. teammates and allowed them to be defeated by Starrway Enterprises. Jeffy then challenged for the North American title the following night at Beginning Anew in a triple threat match between him, Monty, and Keiji Satoshi; Keiji pinned Monty to win the match and retain the title. Jeffy then lost to Monty in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Challenging Adversity.

Jeffy then began feuding with The Barricade, finding help in Tannark Fisher and XS3. The three of them defeated The Barricade and Jarod Barnes at Questions Unanswered. After competing in a losing bid against Tannark Fisher and XS3 in a #1 Contender's match at Renewal, Jeffy and Tannark resumed their feud with The Barricade, with former rival Monty James and Manzer helping them fight back. The four of them defeated The Barricade in a Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Tag Team match at Independence 10, although Jeffy was eliminated from the match. On August 17, 2015, Jeffy announced his temporary retirement from professional wrestling, although he did promise to make appearances for SWI in the future.

Truth & Freedom (2016 - present) Edit

Jeffy, along with Monty James, returned to SWI at Challenging Adversity, helping Andreas Trinidad fight off the Corporate Club. After their feud with the Corporate Club ended, Truth & Freedom feuded with The Drinkin Clan and The Risen over the next few months, in addition to both Jeffy and Monty challenging for the SWI North American Championship. Following Monty's departure at Destiny Fulfilled, Jeffy formed a tag team with Samuel Sheppard, occasionally being joined by AGP.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Mordor Drop (Forward fireman's carry slam) (2012 - 2015)
    • Mordor Special (Forward fireman's carry slam into inverted Chikara special) (2010 - 2015)
  • Signature moves
    • Back body drop
    • Big boot
    • Clothesline
    • Powerslam
    • Shoulder block
    • Sidewarg Slam (Spinning side slam)
    • Surfboard stretch
  • Managers
  • Nicknames
  • Entrance themes
    • "The Uruk-hai" by Howard Shore (July 10, 2010 - November 6, 2010; July 14, 2012 - March 31, 2013; January 25, 2015 - August 17, 2015; February 26, 2017 - present)
    • "E For Extinction [SWI Edit]" by Thousand Foot Krutch (November 13, 2010 - July 7, 2012; May 10, 2014 - December 28, 2014)
    • "Mainlining Murder" by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards (April 6, 2013 - March 30, 2014)
    • "Death of Me" by Red (February 28, 2016 - January 1, 2017)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

*W.T.F. are allowed to defend the tag team titles under the Freebird rule.