Golden Alliance
Members CK Miles
The Ministry
Darren Phoenix
Justine Vaine
Debut October 31, 2010
Disbanded January 30, 2011
Promotions SWI

The Golden Alliance was a stable comprising of all of the champions of Soul Wrestling Incorporated. The team was led by SWI World Champion CK Miles, and featured SWI World Tag Team Champions The Ministry, SWI North American Champion Darren Phoenix, and SWI Women's Champion Justine Vaine.


At Kill or Be Killed, Justine Vaine retained the SWI Women's Championship against Ten-Ka the Jungle Queen by disqualification when Tonya Montana interfered, The Ministry defeated Monty James and Jeffy to retain the SWI World Tag Team Championship, Darren Phoenix defeated Blackwolf to win the SWI North American Championship, and CK Miles defeated Frankie Starr to retain the SWI World Championship. Following CK's match, all of the champions attacked Frankie and proclaimed themselves the Golden Alliance, vowing to keep the gold away from SWI's newest competitors.

On the following episode of Apocalypse, the Alliance attacked Blackwolf during his title match against CK, then beat down Monty, Jeffy, and Kennedy. However, Edgemaster made his return and the Alliance was bested in a fight. The following week, Worldwide Truth & Freedom announced their formation, with Edgemaster saying he was back in SWI to mentor the younger wrestlers and regain the SWI World Championship. Later that night, Darren squashed three local wrestlers in a handicap match, while The Ministry retained the SWI World Tag Team Championship against Rainmaster and Frankie Starr. At Broken Chains, the Alliance lost to Edgemaster and W.T.F. in a Harbor Cage match. Monty pinned Necrosphere last to win the match for his team.

At Destiny Fulfilled, Justine lost the Women's title to Kennedy, Darren retained the North American title against Jeffy, The Ministry retained the World Tag Team titles against Monty and Blackwolf, and CK lost the World title to Edgemaster. Two weeks later, The Ministry lost the titles to Monty and Jeffy in a Steel Cage match. The Alliance quietly disbanded in the weeks leading up to Beginning Anew, where Darren lost the North American title to Nicholai Ivanov.