Daniel Ness
Ring name(s) Daniel Ness
Height 5'11"
Weight 228 lbs
Born April 18, 1978
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Billed From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Debut February 26, 2005

Daniel Isaac Ness (born April 18, 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated. Prior to joining SWI, he previously competed for Alpha Championship Wrestling and Fallout, where he is a two-time Fallout Openweight Champion. Ness joined SWI in 2013 and went on to win the SWI World Championship once, the SWI North American Championship twice, and the SWI World Tag Team Championship once with Jeffy. Ness is the 11th SWI Triple Crown winner.

Early career, Alpha Championship Wrestling, and FalloutEdit

Prior to his pro wrestling career, Ness was an accomplished amateur wrestler, being an outstanding athlete in both high school and college. He competed for the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship, a bout which was attended by BK London, who then attempted to recruit Ness to Alpha Championship Wrestling. Although Ness initially declined the offer, he soon changed his mind after attending Samhain four months later. Chairman Gingerdude then signed Ness to a deal, requiring underground training to adapt to ACW's style.

After five months of perfecting the ACW style, Ness' pro wrestling debut came at ACW's Bloody Valentine event, costing RDK his ACW World Championship match against BK London. Ness was inducted into the Corporate Alliance as the Fallout representative, but shortly left ACW after the Alliance disbanded. Ness then returned to Fallout to join Biff Taylor's Corporate Club. Ness competed in a series of trial matches to prove himself worthy of the Fallout Openweight Championship, which he then won at Fallout Endsong by defeating Skurai. Ness briefly lost the title to fellow Club member Sylvan Mint in February, but would regain it a week later. Ness then held the title until January 2008, when he was defeated by Stan H. Johnston at Fallout's Reboot show. Ness remained in the Corporate Club until February 2009, when Fallout was purchased by Jay Zero and subsequently cancelled.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Starrway Enterprises (2013 - 2015)Edit

Ness initally made a one-off appearance at SWI's 2006 iteration of Destiny Fulfilled, competing with Team Fallout against Team SWI, which was won by Team SWI after Frankie Starr pinned Ness. Six years later, Ness competed in a 30-man battle royal and made it to the final ten, guaranteeing him a spot on the roster. His first match came on the February 3 episode of Aftermath, teaming with Robert Russo in a loss to Cold Fusion. His first win came on the February 23 Apocalypse, in which he scored the pin for his team in a tag team match. On March 2, Ness rekindled his feud with Johnston, attacking him after a match. At the end of the night, Ness joined Starrway Enterprises, a stable helmed by KWA legend Carter Starr, Frankie Starr, and Waylon Kenney. Ness joined Starrway Enterprises in an Elimination Tag Team match against The Unrest, Tannark Fisher, and XS3 at Questions Unanswered, but was the third man eliminated. The stable would ultimately lose the match. Ness challenged Johnston for the SWI North American Championship at Renewal, but was defeated in a 2/3 Falls match.

On the July 6 Apocalypse, Ness and stablemate Jeffy defeated Bad Attitude Inc. to win the SWI World Tag Team Championship. They held the titles until Unholy Confessions, losing them to Tannark and XS3. Ness competed in the Harbor Cage match with Starrway Enterprises against JR Stone, Stan H. Johnston, Blackwolf, and Bad Attitude Inc. at Betrayal, but was once again the third man eliminated. Ness teamed with Frankie in the following months, including a win over the Besser Brothers at Destiny Fulfilled, resulting in David Besser's firing. In February, Ness began feuding with Jeffy over who would be the next SWI World Champion of the group. The feud eventually led to a match between the two at Rise of the Forces, in which Jeffy defeated Ness to win a World title match. However, Starrway would turn on Jeffy, endorsing Ness as their World Champion and kicking Jeffy out of the group. Ness then challenged Tannark for the SWI World Championship at Questions Unanswered, but was defeated after Jeffy's interference.

Ness then turned his sights on the SWI North American Championship, which he won from JR Stone at Renewal after interference from Mikey Stone. Ness would also go on to compete in the Versus the World match, making it to the very end before being the last man eliminated by Tannark. Ness defended the North American title against Blackwolf and JR Stone during this time. After being eliminated from the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament by Keiji Satoshi, Ness would go on to defend the title against Keiji at Broken Chains, where he lost the title. The match would go on to be voted the SWI Match of the Year. Ness would face Keiji in a rematch at Destiny Fulfilled in a 2/3 Falls match, but was again defeated.

SWI World Champion and the Corporate Club (2015 - present)Edit

Starrway Enterprises would then feud with The Stones, having reunited after JR saved Mikey from Starrway's abuse. Frankie and Ness were defeated by The Stones at Beginning Anew, and then again in a Ladder match at Challenging Adversity in which Starrway Enterprises had to disband. Despite the disbanding, Ness continued to assist Frankie in his feud with Waylon. This led to Ness and Frankie facing Waylon and Nicholai Ivanov in a Steel Cage match at Independence 10, in which Frankie and Ness were defeated. All three men took their turns hitting their finishers on Ness after the match. It was at the event that Ness suffered a knee injury, which would take him out of action for a few weeks. He made his return on August 8, attacking XS3.

Ness then entered the World title picture, competing in a #1 contenders match against B. Randall Morrison and Monty James, but did not win the match. Because he was not pinned, Ness was still considered to be in contention for the title. Ness then defeated XS3 in a 2/3 Tables match at Kill or Be Killed following interference from Blackwolf, winning the SWI World Championship and becoming the 11th Triple Crown winner. It was Ness' first major singles title since the Fallout Openweight Championship. After defending against Blackwolf and XS3 at Broken Chains, Ness lost the title to Andreas Trinidad at Destiny Fulfilled. During the match, Ness reformed the Corporate Club with Colossus Rhodes and Biff Taylor.

Ness continued to pursue the SWI World Championship until Rise of the Forces, when he teamed with the Corporate Club in a losing effort against Andreas Trinidad and Truth & Freedom. The Corporate Club then lost to Truth & Freedom at Questions Unanswered, with Colossus losing his job after taking the fall. Ness then feuded with B. Randall Morrison, defeating him with help from Ryan Benning, whom he reformed the Corporate Club with. The Club would later add Sam Hawkins to their ranks to help with their World title chase. On April 8, 2017, Ness defeated Manzer with some help from the Corporate Club to win his second SWI North American Championship. He defended the title against Manzer, Andreas Trinidad, and Fat Tony Drinkin over the months, as well against all three men in a Four Corners Elimination match at Independence 12, before dropping the title to Manzer on July 8 in a Steel Cage match. In September, Ness and Hawkins began showing tension with one another, with Ness questioning Hawkins' attitude toward the SWI World Championship. After Hawkins lost the World title to Trent Radical, the two began arguing regularly, culminating in Ness brawling with Hawkins after he lost his Destiny Fulfilled Tournament semifinal match to XS3 and blamed it on Ness, signifying a face turn for Ness.

Personal lifeEdit

Not much is known about Ness' personal life, as he tends to keep to himself. Ness revealed in an interview that he has a son Daniel Isaac Ness Jr. (born 1999), who is aspiring to be a doctor.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Ness-asary (Diving guillotine choke with body scissors)
    • Sheer FinNESS (Inverted leg drop bulldog)
  • Trademark moves
    • Back camel clutch (delivered with knee in the back)
    • Bridging grounded hammerlock headstand
    • Diving crossbody
    • Double underhook powerbomb
    • Dragon Backbreaker (Backdrop suplex to backbreaker)
    • Elevated fireman's carry to modified neckbreaker
    • Grounded double chicken wing pin
    • Knee facebuster
    • Kneeling cravate
    • Mutiple suplex variations
      • Backdrop
      • German into top turnbuckle
      • Overhead belly to belly
      • Slingshot vertical
      • Stalling half hatch
    • Neck cranking side headlock
    • Rear waistlock takedown
    • Rolling neck snap to seated opponent
    • Rope trapped cravate headlock
    • Running back elbow smash
    • Running DDT
    • Standing dropkick
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Frankie Starr
  • Nicknames
    • "The Ace"
    • "The Corporate Ace"
    • "The Starrway Ace"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Survival of the Sickest" by Saliva (February 3, 2013 - March 2, 2013; March 7, 2015 - present)
    • "Mainlining Murder" by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards (March 9, 2013 - March 1, 2015)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

  • Fallout
    • Fallout Openweight Championship (2 times)