Christine Irvine
Ring name(s) Alicia
Christine Holmes
Christine Irvine
Christine Leon-Irvine
Height 5'5"
Born June 15, 1983
(Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Resides Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Billed From Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
Debut December 3, 2005

Christine Grace Irvine (neé Leon, born June 15, 1983 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada) is a Canadian professional wrestler and valet. She has appeared as the manager and valet for her real-life husband XS3 in Soul Wrestling Incorporated, the Kritical Wrestling Alliance, Alpha Championship Wrestling, and Fallout.

Personal lifeEdit

Christine was born to Stan and Linda Leon, the youngest of two children after her sister Amelia. Christine and her sister were put up for adoption by her parents when they were young. Christine graduated from Maple Creek Composite High School in 2001, and went on to graduate from Medicine Hat College with a degree in Visual Communications.

Christine met Matt Irvine (XS3) on August 20, 2005, the night that XS3 won the KWA Transcontinental Championship. The two began dating and later married on November 25 of that year. The couple have had two children together since then, Corey Scott (February 15, 2009) and Kayla Jade (March 1, 2011).

Kritical Wrestling AllianceEdit

When the Kritical Wrestling Alliance returned in December 2005 from its hiatus, Christine, under the name of Alicia (a tribute to ACW legend Alicia "Atomic" Kitsune), began accompanying XS3 to the ring until his departure from the company.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Christine started with Soul Wrestling Incorporated in October 2005, acting as the backstage interviewer Christine Holmes. On March 1, 2006, Christine began accompanying XS3, with the announcers acknowledging her as XS3's wife. She was not involved in any major storylines until August 5, when she was given the Void Crusher by Necrosphere. Christine returned at Unholy Confessions, attacking The Ministry's valet, Simona Summers. She made her SWI in-ring debut on September 9, teaming with XS3 to defeat Necrosphere and Simona. At Broken Chains, Christine defeated Simona with her husband's finisher, the Shadow Step. In July 2007, she was involved in a feud between XS3 and the Riot Squad, having been (kayfabe) arrested for a supposedly unpaid speeding ticket and held hostage for title shots. XS3 teamed with The Drinkin Boyz to defeat the Riot Squad at Disasterpiece, thus saving Christine.

At Unholy Confessions 2007, Christine was attacked by Grace before she was hit with the Final Fate by Joey McFarlane onto her prone husband. Christine feuded with Grace, losing to her on September 15. Christine made sporadic appearances since SWI's 2009 return, most notably during XS3's feud with Mr. Besser, who tied her to a chair and threatened to throw her off of the stage if XS3 didn't agree to leave SWI if he lost their match at Destiny Fulfilled.

On April 14, 2012, Christine made her return, helping XS3 attack Monty James and Kennedy, gaining retribution for Monty's attack on XS3 two weeks earlier. Christine wrestled her first match in almost five years at Renewal, teaming with XS3 to face Monty and Kennedy. Monty pinned Christine after using XS3's Shadow Step, then pinning her in the missionary position. Following XS3's victory over Monty at Independence, Christine left the company once more. On May 10, 2014, Christine returned to SWI, once again accompanying XS3, but soon left after XS3's injury in June. She did not accompany him when he returned in January, but made an appearance at Independence 10 celebrating XS3's World title victory along with their two children. Christine made another appearance at Destiny Fulfilled, helping Demon Inc. fend off the Drinkin Clan during XS3's match with Ben Drinkin. Christine then served as the guest ring announcer for the Femme Fatale Battle Royal at Questions Unanswered.

Alpha Championship WrestlingEdit

Christine debuted on the June 15, 2006 episode of Meltdown, being accosted by Logan Locke and his group. She began accompanying XS3 to the ring, and made her in-ring debut at Seven Deadly Sins, defeating Kiley Johnson. She left the promotion with her husband in August, but returned in January at his side. At Ragnarok 2007, XS3 defeated Christine's (kayfabe) old boyfriend Ryan East and his cronies, Derrick Davies and Kenny Quinn in a handicap match. In reality, Christine and Ryan are close friends, having graduated high school together.

Christine was then involved in the feud with Thunderkiss and XS3. Thunderkiss stripped Christine on live television on February 5. This led to a Critical Custody match where XS3's foster children were on the line. XS3 and Christine teamed up to defeat Thunderkiss and Joanna Garland. In July, Christine was involved in a controversial storyline that insinuated she had slept with Nick Durden during the Omega Effect break. She reconciled with XS3, only to have him deliver the Burning Cradle to her on the following Meltdown. Christine then took on a role of secretary on Fallout, which was cut short due to her maternity leave.

In April 2009, as a part of the feud between Jake Steele and XS3, Christine announced she was siding with Jake Steele along with Demon Inc. At Fallen Heroes, Christine and Demon Inc. assaulted Jake after the match. Christine began accompanying XS3 once more in February 2010, but was written off of television after being put in the Texas Cloverleaf by RDK. This was her last appearance in ACW, as XS3 left the company in June and ACW went bankrupt in December.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Shadow Step (Spear, adopted from XS3)
  • Wrestlers managed
  • Entrance themes
    • "Toxicity" by System of a Down (March 1, 2006 - October 28, 2007)
    • "Nothing Left" by As I Lay Dying (April 21, 2012 - June 24, 2012)
    • "Witchtripper" by Down (May 10, 2014 - June 21, 2014)
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