Ring name(s) Blackwolf
Height 6'8"
Weight 274 lbs
Born December 8, 1985
(Vancouver, British Columbia)
Resides Port Alberni, British Columbia
Billed From Port Alberni, British Columbia
Debut 2008
Retired December 27, 2015

Joseph David Wells (born December 8, 1985 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a retired Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Blackwolf. He is best known for his time in Soul Wrestling Incorporated, where he is a two-time SWI World Champion, a two-time SWI World Tag Team Champion with Worldwide Truth & Freedom, and a two-time SWI North American Champion. Blackwolf is the eighth Triple Crown Champion.

Soul Wrestling IncorporatedEdit

Debut and W.T.F. (2010 - 2012)Edit

After previously wrestling for two years, Blackwolf was signed to Soul Wrestling Incorporated in 2010. Vignettes began hyping his debut, and on the June 5 episode of Apocalypse, Blackwolf defeated Monty James in his debut. After the match, Blackwolf saved Monty from an attack by the Drinkin Clan. Blackwolf and Monty teamed with Necrosphere to defeat the Drinkin Clan at Independence. On the July 31 episode of Apocalypse, Blackwolf defeated Tannark Fisher to win the SWI North American Championship, following interference from CK Miles. Blackwolf attacked CK after the match and attempted to return the belt to Tannark, who refused, saying Blackwolf had to defend the title for the sake of the newcomers in SWI.

At Kill or Be Killed, Blackwolf lost the North American title to Darren Phoenix. On the following episode of Apocalypse, Blackwolf faced CK for the SWI World Championship, but was attacked by the Golden Alliance, leading to a war between the Alliance and Blackwolf, Monty, Jeffy, Kennedy Carson, and the returning Edgemaster. The following week, Blackwolf joined forces with Monty, Jeffy, and Kennedy to form Worldwide Truth & Freedom. The team defeated the Alliance at Broken Chains in the second Harbor Cage match to win title shots. Although Monty and Blackwolf were unsuccessful at Destiny Fulfilled, Blackwolf helped Monty and Jeffy defeat The Ministry on January 15 in a Steel Cage match for the SWI World Tag Team Championship. W.T.F. defended the title under the Freebird Rule, making Blackwolf a tag team champion as well. W.T.F. lost the titles to The Stones at Challenging Adversity.

On April 30, Blackwolf defeated Nicholai Ivanov to win his second SWI North American Championship. He defended the title for several months before losing it to Rainmaster on October 15, ending his reign at 168 days. Blackwolf lost a rematch at Kill or Be Killed, then went back into tag team competition with Jeffy. On April 7, Blackwolf entered an on-screen relationship with Samantha Nichols, eventually convincing her to become W.T.F.'s new valet after Monty and Kennedy left. At Renewal, Blackwolf faced CK and Jeffy for the SWI World Championship, but lost when miscommunication between him and Jeffy allowed CK to pin Blackwolf.

W.T.F. dissolution, World Champion, and title hunt (2012 - 2013)Edit

On the Apocalypse after Renewal, Samantha left W.T.F. and broke up with Blackwolf, citing his recent anger problems as the reason for doing so. Blackwolf and Jeffy later qualified for the SWI vs. MCCW match at Independence by defeating the Drinkin Boyz. At Independence, Blackwolf was pinned by Griffon Maverick after Griffon gave Jeffy a thumb to the eye, leading to an unaware Jeffy hitting Blackwolf with the Mordor Drop by mistake. After the match, Blackwolf pushed Jeffy to the mat and threw his "W" hoody at him before storming off to the back. Two weeks later on Apocalypse, Blackwolf and Jeffy agreed to end W.T.F. before agreeing to a match with each other at Disasterpiece, which Blackwolf lost.

Blackwolf had a small losing streak lasting five matches before finally bouncing back with a win over Frankie Starr on September 8. Blackwolf was entered into a tournament to determine the #1 Contender for the SWI World Championship at Destiny Fulfilled, defeating Jarod Barnes on October 20. He went on to defeat Frankie Starr in the semifinals and Jeffy in the finals at Kill or Be Killed to earn a title match at Destiny Fulfilled. At the event, Blackwolf defeated Monty to win the SWI World Championship, becoming the eighth Triple Crown champion in SWI history. After the match, Blackwolf celebrated with Jeffy.

At Beginning Anew, Blackwolf teamed with Kelsey Ayami to defeat Monty and Kennedy in a Winners Take All match to retain their respective titles. Following the match, Blackwolf was attacked by Starrway Enterprises, led by the debuting Carter Starr, who won his spot on the roster and a title shot of his choosing at any time. Blackwolf began feuding with Starrway Enterprises, following Carter's announcement that he would be using his title shot at Independence 8. Blackwolf defeated Frankie Starr at Challenging Adversity to retain the World title. During a tag match at Rise of the Forces, Jeffy turned on Blackwolf and joined Starrway Enterprises. Blackwolf lost the SWI World title to JR Stone at Questions Unanswered, then lost a four way match for the title at Renewal. Blackwolf then defeated Jeffy at Independence 8 in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

After a brief hiatus, Blackwolf returned to the ring at Disasterpiece, losing to Mikey Stone by DQ after refusing to stop attacking him. This led to Blackwolf's temper getting the best of him in subsequent matches; he explained the reasoning for this as being driven to regain the World title at all costs. Blackwolf teamed with JR Stone, Stan H. Johnston, and Bad Attitude Inc. to defeat Starrway Enterprises in a Harbor Cage match at Betrayal, although he was eliminated from the match and did not get a World title shot. Blackwolf then defeated TANK in the first round of the Destiny Fulfilled Tournament, but lost to Tannark Fisher in the semifinals at Kill or Be Killed. Following another month-long hiatus, Blackwolf returned at Broken Chains and helped fend off interference from The Callahans during the main event.

Redemption and W.T.F. reunion (2013 - 2014)Edit

At Destiny Fulfilled, Blackwolf faced Jeffy and Stan H. Johnston in a triple threat match, with the winner getting a future SWI World Championship opportunity and the loser being banned from World title shots for a whole year. Blackwolf was pinned by Johnston, and subsequently attacked Jeffy in frustration. Blackwolf turned his attention to Carter Starr, who he had challenged to a match to take place at Beginning Anew. Blackwolf then underwent a change of heart and vowed to stand up for SWI, adopting a gimmick similar to Jean Valjean from the novel Les Misérables. Blackwolf defeated Carter at Beginning Anew, then turned his attention to Monty, offering him a chance at getting a World title match at any time if he could defeat him. Blackwolf lost to Monty at Challenging Adversity, but soon made amends with him after the match.

Blackwolf then joined forces with Monty to enter the Team England Invitational Tournament, with the winners receiving a tag title shot. The two defeated The Callahans and Bad Attitude Inc., before miscommunication cost them the finals against Starrway Enterprises. Monty walked out on Blackwolf, and then defeated him in a match two weeks later. Monty went to attack Blackwolf, who turned his back and offered Monty a shot at him. Monty had a change of heart, and the two once again made amends before agreeing to go their separate ways. On May 3, Blackwolf saved Jeffy from an attack by Starrway Enterprises. Monty and Kennedy helped out in the attack, effectively reuniting W.T.F. The reunited group then defeated Starrway Enterprises at Renewal. The group then defeated Starrway Enterprises again at Independence 9 to win their second SWI World Tag Team Championship. At Unholy Confessions, Blackwolf challenged Daniel Ness for the SWI North American Championship, but was unsuccessful. W.T.F. then lost the tag team titles at Betrayal in a four corners match.

World Champion and departure (2015) Edit

Following an unsuccessful bid to win the World Tag Team titles at Destiny Fulfilled, W.T.F. appeared to be going their separate ways. Later in the night, Blackwolf attacked the SWI World Champion Waylon Kenney after his match, reminding everyone that his year-long ban from World title shots was now officially over. As Jeffy revealed on the following Apocalypse, W.T.F. was on hiatus until all members could get on the same page again. Blackwolf then used his previous solo music later that night as he helped members of the SWI roster beat down Starrway Enterprises. At Beginning Anew, Blackwolf unsuccessfully challenged for the World title in a triple threat match involving Nicholai Ivanov, who won the title.

Blackwolf then defeated Nicholai at Renewal to win his second SWI World Championship, albeit using cheap tactics to get the belt. After defeating Nicholai in a rematch on the following Apocalypse (in which Blackwolf continued to use cheap tactics to win matches), Blackwolf lost the title to XS3 at Independence 10. On the following episode, Blackwolf attacked XS3 after the main event match, turning heel for the first time in SWI. After losing the Versus the World match at Versus the World, Blackwolf attacked everyone that had competed in the match over the next couple of weeks, including defeating Monty James. Blackwolf then lost his singles championship match to XS3 at Unholy Confessions, after Hitman of the Gods prevented him from using the title. Blackwolf then defeated Hitman at Betrayal.

After costing XS3 the World title against Daniel Ness, Blackwolf challenged for the title at Broken Chains, but was defeated when Ness pinned Blackwolf after a Shadow Step from XS3. Blackwolf then concluded his feud with XS3 by facing him under his Exemplar persona at Destiny Fulfilled in a losing effort. After the event, Blackwolf parted ways with SWI on good terms.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Wolfpack Attack (Spinning straightjacket sit-down powerbomb)
  • Trademark moves
    • Alpha DDT (Snap hammerlock DDT)
    • Bearhug
    • Bicycle kick
    • Clothesline
    • Diving battering ram
    • Forearm smash
    • Knee lift
    • Midnight Howl (Inverted overdrive)
    • Overhead wristlock
    • Powerslam
    • Russian leg sweep
    • Scoop slam series
    • Shoulder block
    • Stalling suplex powerslam
    • Standing belly to belly suplex
    • Vertical suplex
  • Managers
  • ​Nicknames
  • Entrance themes
    • "E For Extinction [SWI Edit]" by Thousand Foot Krutch (June 5, 2010 - December 29, 2012; May 10, 2014 - December 28, 2014)
    • "My Name Is Allen" by Stone Sour (December 30, 2012 - May 3, 2014; January 3, 2015 - December 27, 2015)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

*The group was allowed to defend their titles simultaneously under the Freebird rule.